Mauritius: Swimming with the Dolphins – Full Day

Swimming with the Dolphins: Full Day

Group excursion including BBQ Lunch

*Subject to Availability

  • Max 14 persons per group.

    Maximum one child per Adult

A unique shared experience for animal lovers, there’s nothing quite like looking out towards the horizon over a glittering ocean and spotting a pod of dolphins playing in the waves.

For animal lovers, this is a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime as swimming with the Dolphins is a magical experience and with this trip you get just that.

We meet and greet at 7:30 am before embarking on the speedboat and heading out to sea to observe the Spinner and Bottlenose dolphins in their natural habitat. Once the dolphins are spotted you can observe these aquatic specialists from the boat or even jump in for a closer look before setting course for some snorkelling around the “Aquarium” a coral barrier known to be one of the best snorkelling spots in Mauritius.

After some enjoyable snorkelling we head in the direction of Ile aux Benitiers island, along the way we include a stop at Crystal rock,a famous geological quirk. This is a great place to take some photographs with the gorgeous view of Le morne mountain as its backdrop. Finally, we make our way to Benetiers Island for our long-awaited BBQ lunch, and a little relaxation time before heading back to the mainland.


What’s Included:

Duration : 6.5 hours
Observing and swimming with the Dolphins
Snorkelling and safety equipment
Visit to a geological quirk, Crystal Rock
BBQ Lunch including alcoholic and soft drinks on Benitier Island


What’s Not Included:

Transportation to and from the meeting point but it can be arranged as a supplement.


What to Bring:

Swimsuits (we recommend layering it before joining the cruise)
Sun cream
Camera (ideally waterproof)


Additional Info:

Dolphin Species
Two kinds of dolphins can be observed in Mauritian waters: the Spinner and the Bottlenose. They do not like to socialize with each other therefore you will never see them together: If the Spinners are around and the Bottlenose dolphins arrive, the Spinners will leave the bay, heading to the open sea.
The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most common species and is known all over the world. It is also the biggest amongst the different species of dolphins with a weight of up to 650 kg and a length of up to 12 feet! They are famous for their intelligence, very gentle and willing to approach humans.
In Mauritius, they live in groups of between 2 to 15 members and can be observed early in the morning until 11:30 a.m. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, you may see them in the afternoon, swimming in the crystal clear lagoon, in depths of 1.5 meters.
The Spinners are the most playful and active of the dolphins and live in large groups of up to 100 members. They are much smaller than their cousins, the Bottlenose, who only grow up to 80 kg and 8 feet. They are famous for being very active, especially in the morning as this is their time to train the calves which are generally about 1 foot long and weigh no more than 3 kg.

Children: 0 -3 are free
Children : between 4 – 12
The cruise is not recommended for women in their 8 weeks+ pregnancy
Participants without the right swimming skills are not encouraged to get into the water.
We can cater for vegetarian or gluten-free meals. (Please communicate that during the booking process.
All food served is Halal certified.


Starting Address:

(La Tour Martello) La Preneuse