Mauritius: Culinary Experience with Authentic Local food at Le Domaine des Aubineaux – “Ki Pou Kwi”

Ki Pou Kwi

Moris Otentik – Authentic Mauritian

(Culinary session)

    Maximum total of 15 people per trip

    Children between 5 to 12 yrs. (below 5 years are exempt)

“Ki Pou Kwi” is a full authentic immersion into Mauritian cuisine. The Chef accompanies you on a journey of discovery and shares with you his experience and knowledge on everything that influences the components of Mauritian cuisine today. From heading to the market with the chef to purchase fresh produce to finally eating your prepared meals. Once back at the Domaine you begin your preparation of turning the authentic ingredients and rustic materials into an authentic Mauritian dish under the watchful eye of the Chef. Like many aspiring Chefs the most enjoyable part of the day is sitting down to enjoy their creation on the terrace of the old stables. After taking some time to relax and digest your food you can finish your journey with a guided tour of the house, museum and a little rum tasting.

Le Domaine des Aubineaux, an oasis of greenery, peace and tranquillity, and a mere stone’s throw away from the town of Curepipe invites you to share the creativity and know-how of its Chef. It is in this historic setting that the chef of Les Aubineaux Restaurant will teach you the art of how to prepare a typical Mauritian dish. After buying fresh local produce at the “Bazaar” of Curepipe, you get to cook your meal using the utensils of yesteryear.

After a light breakfast, the Chef will give a presentation on ‘what a kitchen brigade is’ and ‘how to work in a brigade.’

The presentation covers detailed explanations and recommendations of the dishes to be prepared during the session.

Each team will be given a list of items to purchase, money and a basket to shop at the ‘Panier Bazar.’ You will then proceed to the local bazaar for purchasing (accompanied by the Chef)
Back at Le Domaine des Aubineaux you will start to prepare your dishes. You will also learn the steps of how to set up the kitchen, whilst gaining invaluable knowledge of the local produce and its preparation. Once the hard work is completed it’s time to relax and sample the culinary delights that you have created followed by some rum tasting of Saint Aubin’s Rum.

Come and join us in this useful, fun and friendly experience!


What’s Included:

Presentation by the Chef
Learn how to work in a brigade
A presentation and explanation of the dishes you are preparing
How to set up the kitchen
Discovering the local produce
Tasting the dishes you have created
Tasting the Rum of Saint Aubin
Access to The Domaine des Aubineaux
Access to The Colonial mansion museum built in 1872
Access to The House of Essences
Walk across The Domaine des Aubineaux Floral Park
Tea and rum tasting
The Domaine des Aubineaux Boutique


What’s Not Included:

Transportation to and from the meeting point and also for the shopping excursion to the Bazaar for produce but it can be arranged as a supplement.


What to Bring:

A healthy appetite and tingling taste buds


Additional Information:

Breakfast Menu:
Bois Chéri Tea, Bois Chéri Ice tea, fruit juice,
Pawpaw puff pastry
Mini Banana cream pie
Chili cakes

Menus to choose from for your culinary experience:


Menu 1:
Chicken curry or jackfruit curry
Steamed pumpkin
Mixed vegetable relish

Sagoo Appalam or Thaku


Menu 2:
Chicken Chop soy
Corn Soup
Chinese Sauteed leafy vegetables
Sauteed Rice

Gingeli Cake
Green Tea


Menu 3:
Chicken Kalia
Cucumber and carrot salad

Revisited Alouda
Almond milk


Menu 4:
Creole sausages cooked in a tomato sauce
Sauteed Lentils
Sauteed leafy vegetables
Tomato chutney
Coconut Chutney

Traditional toffee


Starting Address:

Le Domaine des Aubineaux Royal Road, Forest-Side, 74427