This website offers bookings for tourist adventures and activities both shared and private /exclusive. A full list can be found here.

We also offer hotel bookings as a legal requirement for us to operate within Mauritius.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly.


This website is run by “Trip and Discovery is a Private Limited” based and regulated in Mauritius.

We comply fully with the local laws regulating trade and tourism in Mauritius. This includes a trading account for all bookings/transactions based with a bank in Mauritius and are part of the “Safe Travels” initiative.

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About Trip and Discovery

Trip and Discovery is a Private Limited company incorporated at the Registrar of Companies in Mauritius through the foresight and vision of Mr. David Richard Spencer Hannagan and Mrs. Malina Sookia Hannagan. It is a 100% wholly-owned Mauritian firm.

David & Malina spent many years in Italy, where they worked and gained invaluable experience in all aspects of tourism management.

The Directors speak various languages between them: English, French, Italian, Creole and basic Spanish and Hindi

They moved back to Mauritius with the intention of using their knowledge and experience in the Tourism industry to enhance the dreams and expectations of the vast numbers of tourists visiting the island.

Our objective at “Trip and Discovery” is to offer travel and unforgettable adventure packages to tourists & adventurers visiting this little corner of paradise, so our aim is not to just take individuals on sightseeing excursions, but also to ensure that they appreciate the natural beauty and majestic nature of this tropical Island through informative guidance on its history and its roots.

With this in mind, we have positioned ourselves very carefully on this paradise island so as to deliver extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailor-made tours and excursions designed around our client’s needs and choices enabling our customers to have a greater appreciation of the natural environment and its intricacies.

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